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Indication of the minimum number of plates required to operate a viable business that is in compliance with all city by-law requirements. A contingency plan when a vehicle is out of service. An applicant must have been an owner or broker licensed under this by-law for a minimum of two years. 22.1 the following regular tariffs shall apply to taxicabs operating in the City of Clarence-Rockland. Carry on business only in the name in which he is licensed. When volume of business is such that service will be delayed to a prospective customer, the broker shall inform the customer of the approximate length of the delay, before accepting the order.

How do I print multiple bingo cards?

  1. Click the “print” button on your computer to view your printer options and setup.
  2. Select “all” to print a complete set of cards.
  3. Type in a page range to print fewer cards.

Whereas section 128. Of the Municipal Act S.O. 2001, C.25, provides authority for a local municipality to prohibit and regulate with respect to public nuisances, including matters that in the opinion of council, are or could become public nuisances. A license issued to one person can not be transferred to another person and any person acquiring a lodging house from a licensed keeper shall apply to the City of Clarence- Rockland for a new license before completing his or her purchase. The keeper shall not permit any lodger to occupy for sleeping purposes any space in a building used as a lobby, hallway, closet, bathroom, stairway, kitchen, nor any room having a floor area of less than seventy-five square feet, nor any room the floor of which is more than four feet below the finished grade of the land adjoining the building. “Lodging house” means any building in which five or more persons are harbored, received or lodged for hire, but shall not include a hotel, hospital, nursing home, home for the young or aged, or institution if such is licensed, approved or supervised under any other general or special act. An officer who finds a contravention of this by-law may give written notice to the owner of the property requiring compliance with this by-law within the time period specified in the notice but not sooner than 7 calendar days after the notice is given. In addition to imposing a fine, a court of competent jurisdiction may, upon conviction of an offence under this by-law, issue an order prohibiting the continuation or repetition of the violation by the person convicted.

General Requirements

Before setting an open air, fire and must follow the instructions provided. B) That the inspection of the property provides that all requirements under this by-law are met and will continue to be met for the duration of the permit. No person shall give false or incorrect information for the purpose ofobtaining a permit. 4.8 No person shall set or maintain a fire of any kind, including wood burning barbeques, burn barrels, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, or any other type of open- air fire when a total fire ban has been issued by the Fire Chief. 4.2 No person shall set or maintain a fire, including an open-air fire for the purpose of burning compost or toxic material. The Fire Chief or their designate shall evaluate an application for a permit under this By-law and may require that the applicant provide a bond or other security sufficient to cover the cost of extinguishing such fire. That every person who is convicted of an offence under this by-law is liable to a fine as provided for in the Provincial Offence Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter 33, as amended. No person who is licensed or required to be licensed, shall hinder or obstruct the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer during any inspection or cause any inspections to be hindered or obstructed.

  • So, basically it is like a VLT machine where the odds are set for winning and losing…more in favor of losing as I have been looking at payouts…and they are very low!
  • 9.6 Any number of wall signs shall be permitted on a single building, provided the total sign face area of all signs does not exceed the permitted percentage of the wall area indicated in table 9.1.
  • The court in which the conviction has been entered, and any court of competent jurisdiction thereafter, may make an order prohibiting the continuation or repetition of the offence by the person convicted, and such order shall be in addition to any other penalty imposed on the person convicted.
  • No person who vends with or from a refreshment vehicle shall place or locate any carton, box or other article, other than a garbage receptacle, outside of the refreshment vehicle.
  • Where there are sidewalks, no person on or riding in or by means of any children’s wagon, toboggan, or similar device shall go upon a roadway, except for the purpose of crossing it, and when so crossing, such person shall have the rights and be subject to the obligations of a pedestrian.