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The Halifax branch is the largest of the two and has a gaming floor over double the size. Here you can find plenty of electronic and table games in the main gaming floor as well as poker tables in the separate poker room. The casino is open every day of the week from 10 am until 4 am. Sweetheart Limousine provides private and professional event transportation services. We specialize in serving the Halifax, NS region with affordable luxury limousine services. Our Nova Scotia Casino Event Limousine & Transportation Services are a great way to celebrate your special occasion. Sweetheart Limousine is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. Similar talk supported Nova Scotia’s first forays into VLTs and casinos. The easy-money allure of converting a criminal enterprise into a government profit centre convinced the government to buy into a risk where the reward has been less than expected.

Historically, the issue of gambling has been viewed through lenses of revenue generation, tourism and job creation in Nova Scotia, despite never living up to high expectations in these categories. COVID disruptions offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reframe gambling through a public health lens, and to start making future decisions for the industry based on harm reduction and community impact instead of profit. If you are looking for the number one gaming experience in Nova Scotia then look no further than Casino Nova Scotia Halifax. One of two casinos in the province, this casino offers the largest gaming area by far and is filled with both table and electronic games alike. Whether you want to enjoy quality games, sit down at a restaurant, or watch live entertainment – this casino is the best choice.

Freedom of information, and freedom from applying for jobs

Halifax does, however, have quite a few hotels available in the area. The closest option to the casino is right next door at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel, which is a 4-star hotel with free wi-fi available. Slightly further away, less than 5-minutes’ drive from the casino, you can also visit the Hotel Halifax 4-star hotel or The Barrington 4-star hotel. Although Casino Nova Scotia may not be the largest casino in the country, there are still three different dining options available. The newest addition to the casino is the 3Sixty Lounge which features a wide selection of modern foods, refreshing drinks, and exciting entertainment. The next best choice is the May Garden which serves an Asian Fusion menu with views of the Halifax Waterfront.

It’s inspiring researchers around the world to uncover how it impacts gamblers. Nova Scotia isn’t unique in repeating yesterday’s myths, but to move ahead as a society with a progressive approach to gambling, it’s not enough to use them to justify tomorrow’s actions. To reduce harm and better serve the people, the province needs a new strategy. New Brunswick’s iCasino took in $7.3 million in wagers in its first several months of operation. This exceeded original goals by $500,000, according to CBC, due to “heavier than expected play” on virtual card and table games.

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The investigator from the privacy commissioner’s office helped arrange an agreement between CBC and Nova Scotia Gaming to release the requested documents, which had significant redactions. As of the end of February, casinos in Nova Scotia were permitted to be open. Any profits from the casino go to the province, said MacKinnon. When the casino opened in 2000 it employed 750 people but that number has shrunk to 300. When search suggestions are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

My-Play, a system which helped VLT players track and set play limits, was integrated to all Nova Scotian VLTs for two years starting in 2012. John, whose real name and identifying details are concealed here by The Coast to protect his anonymity, is in his early thirties and says he’s seen both sides of the coin. Though his mother raised him on welfare and his grandmother had a well-paying career, both were gamblers. A casual observer seeing John walk into Casino Nova Scotia’s bar wouldn’t pin him as a high-stakes gambler. In sweatpants, an American football jersey and a hat that says “Dad,” he looks more apt for a night in, playing video games. Instead, like he’ll do 13 times more before the month’s end, he’s arriving at the casino on the downtown Halifax waterfront hoping to win big. “I learned how to play poker from my grandfather when I was like three. I’ve always been kind of attracted to money.” This explains his Bachelor degree in business, his “early” Bitcoin investment and his steady, if unexciting, day job in a business vocation. COVID exposed the limited benefits of casinos and VLTs, but sports bets and a new Halifax casino beckon.

Casino Nova Scotia Salaries in Halifax, NS Area

It’s tough to predict exactly what Tim Houston’s PCs will do with some of the options ahead of them. Prior to the big Vegas win there were a couple of nights where I’ve been the one to have to take a nap on what used to be the couch out front. Making bad decisions on spending my last $20 of taxi money and having to wait for that 6am bus home instead. There have also been nights that I’ve gone beyond my budget. And then I leave, but it doesn’t really hit me until the next morning—I really shouldn’t have done that. It’s always the realization that comes 12 hours later, instead of right away. That realization that something relatively large has gone wrong, and there aren’t too many ways to fix it. Out the casino’s front door and slightly to the left, where people normally have a smoke, I’ve heard a lot of really bad conversations. Nothing to the suicidal limit, but I’ve heard of people on the verge of their marriages breaking up, or about to be kicked out of their houses or apartments. I’ve literally seen people sleeping on the benches out there. My move to higher-limit gambling was a combination of having a kid and the luck in Vegas, but definitely more so being to Vegas and winning.

The Bad Beat and Royal Flush Jackpots grow daily and are not to be missed. Our commitment to delivering a quality service has earned us the reputation as the leading taxi service provider in Halifax. Casino Taxi has been consistently voted Halifax’s Best Taxi Service, and the company has also been honoured by the Lieutenant Governor and Tourism Nova Scotia with the Pineapple Award for customer service excellence. Each year our dedicated team of dispatch staff, along with our independently contracted taxi drivers, complete more than 1.8 million taxi trips between 400 independently owned and operated taxis. We have the most experienced taxi drivers in the city of Halifax, many of whom have been driving taxi for more than 25 years. MacKinnon said it is possible that the best option is to stay at the existing location.


Our path forward rides on whether Tim Houston’s government sees gambling as a health issue or a money maker. Casino Nova Scotia does not have a hotel, so players will need to find accommodations and plan for travel to and from the casino if staying overnight. Players who join the casino’s rewards club, the Player’s Club, receive free parking and nonalcoholic beverages on the playing floor. Documents released to CBC show one of options on the table is a move away from the waterfront location where the casino has been located since 2000. The documents also show revenues from the casino have been sinking to an “unsustainable” level for roughly 15 years. The nearest hotel, the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront, is connected to the casino by an indoor skyway. Parking at the hotel starts from $3.50 hourly/$19.95 daily.

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In the high-limit room, anyone that’s in there’s afforded free drinks and snack foods like sandwiches and chocolate bars. For the government, research that shows negative impacts of gambling is bad for business. But it’s also necessary for the health and welfare of residents, and to continually reassess the risks that casino and VLT gambling bring to the province. Globally, there’s evidence of gambling declines in countries like the United States, Sweden and Australia. A review first published in April looked at 17 gambling publications, including three Canadian ones, to identify what’s occurring during the pandemic for people with gambling disorders. “Not surprisingly given the closure of land-based gambling, an overall reduction in gambling frequency and expenditure was reported in all studies,” authors David Hodgins and Rhys Stevens write. Among some groups, however—especially males, those with increased problem gambling severity and younger age groups—they noticed gambling increase. But since some gamblers may increase problematic gambling habits, even while others have fewer problems, future findings may vary.

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